Mommy Will Teach You To Be A Man – S2:E1

Slimthick Vic is at her wit’s end with her stepson, Nathan Bronson. His bedroom is a mess, but Nathan isn’t interested in helping her clean up, especially when he can lay around getting peeks at her tits and pussy beneath her slutty clothes. When Vic challenges him, Nathan reminds her that she’s his dad’s trophy wife and that she’s not in charge her.Leaving the room, Vic returns with a paddle. Nathan is in disbelief as Vic tells him to bend down, pull his pants down, and accept his punishment. When Nathan grabs the paddle from Vic, she busty milf can’t help but smile. He eases her out of her dress and spanks her, which leaves Vic eager to take care of Nathan’s hardon. Turning around, she pops Nathan’s stiffie out from his pants to suck down. Her blowjob leads Nathan to want a taste of her sweet juices, which Vic is happy to spread her thighs and give him.Settling on his knees between Vic’s thighs, Nathan slides home. Throwing her head back, Vic clearly enjoys that big dick as it fills her up nicely. She pushes Nathan onto his back so the bigtit mama can climb on top of her stepson and conquer his cock. Reverse cowgirl leaves Vic squealing and moaning in delight, but Nathan isn’t finished yet. He gets Vic on her hands and knees so he can dominate her with his big hands and the paddle while pounding deep into her cream filled cooch. Pulling out at the last moment, Nathan covers Vic’s back in his cum shot and then stands still as she sucks him clean. Now that Vic has established her position of authority in the household, she again tells Nathan to clean up his room.